Episode List

050-NY-Based Artist Ethan Greenbaum

049-NY-Based Art Historian, Writer and Curator Andrianna Campbell

048-LA-Based Artist Amir H. Fallah

047-NY-Based Artist Dave McDermott

046-LA-Based Artist Jason Revok

045-LA-Based Artist Anna Sew Hoy

044-LA-Based Entrepreneur and Fashion Designer Waraire Boswell

043-Gallerist and Arts Professional Michael Thibault

042-LA-Based Curator and Founder of Public Fiction, Lauren Mackler

041-NY-Based Artist B. Wurtz

040-London-Based Television Producer Adrienne Doyard

039-LA-Based Luis Reyes, Executive Producer and Partner of Butcher Bird Studios

038-LA-Based Artist Karl Haendel

037 -LA-Based Comedian Christina Catherine Martinez

036 -Artistic Director Martha Graham Dance Company, Janet Eilber

035 -FLAG Art Foundation’s “The Times” with David Colman, Contributing Writer at NYT

034 -FLAG Art Foundation’s “The Times” with Rick Rojas, Reporter at NYT

033 -FLAG Art Foundation’s “The Times” with Randy Kennedy, Reporter at NYT

032 -FLAG Art Foundation’s “The Times” with Andrea Kannapell, Briefings editor at NYT

031 -FLAG Art Foundation’s “The Times”, with Michael Owen, News Desk Editor at NYT

030 -NY-Based Mohammed Rashid Al-Thani, Founding Director and Chief Curator of the IAIA

029 -NY-Based MOMA Curatorial Assistant of Painting and Sculpture, Emily Liebert

028 -LA-Based Artist and Educator Soo Kim

027 -LA-Based Artist Lazaros

026 -LA-Based Artist Emily Mast

025 -Mumbai-Based Curator Diana Campbell Betancourt

024 -LA-Based BBQLA Gallerists/Artists Adam Beris, Timo Fahler, and Thomas Linder

023 -LA-Based Artist John Seal

022 -LA-Based Artist Ragen Moss

021 -LA-Based Clothing Designer Nancy Stella Soto

020 -LA-Based Artist Jake Kean Mayman

019 -LA/NY-Based Artist and Poet Jibade-Khalil Huffman

018 -LA-Based Chris Adler of Adler and Edmark, Co-founder of VACANCY

017 -LA-Based Art Historian, Curator, and Musician Claire de Dobay Rifelj

016 -LA-Based Director of Kayne Griffin Corcoran and Partner of Cleopatra’s                      Colleen Grennan

015 -Ottawa, Canada-Based Artist Jennifer Lefort

014 -LA-Based Artist Max Maslansky

013 -LA-Based Artists Ian James and Matt Siegle co-founders of Metro PCS

012 -LA-Based Artist Yaron Michael Hakim

011 –Neha Choksi LA/Bombay-Based Artist

010 -LA-Based Kitao Sakurai, Writer, Director, and Executive Producer of the Eric Andre Show

009 –Kibum Kim, Owner of LA-Based Gallery Skibum MacArthur, and NEWD Art Fair Co- Founder

008 -LA-Based Gallery, The Pit, with Co-founder Adam D. Miller

007 -Manchester, UK-Based Islington Mill co-founder and Artist Maurice Carlin

006 -NY-Based Artist Justine Kurland

005 -LA-Based Artist Shana Lutker

004 -NY-Based Curator Dan Cameron

002 -LA-Based curator Aaron Moulton

001 -LA-Based Artist John Houck