046 LA-Based Artist Jason Revok

Jason speaks about his childhood and adolescence leading him into the world of graffiti and art. We discuss the importance of community, aspects of commodity within the art world, and how the value systems of our society have the potential to disenfranchise artists.Read more

045 LA-Based Artist Anna Sew Hoy

Anna speaks about the various directions her practice has taken over the last twenty years, understanding her place within the work, and realizing that her goal wasn’t just to show in a gallery space or an art fair. We talk about the influence that peers and mentors can have on an artist as one’s career extends over a period of time.Read more

041 NY-Based Artist B. Wurtz

B. Wurtz speaks about his life as an artist growing up in California and moving to New York in the 1980’s. We discuss the relationship of his artwork to pop art, surrealism, and conceptual art as well as how to understand when a piece is complete. After having his first institutional retrospective in Europe he shares how he’s preparing for his first U.S. museum retrospective at the Institute of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles.Read more